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"Labor Tools and Techniques"  One-Day Birth Preparation Workshop

~ For those of you who prefer to take the fast track to your labor and birth preparation, the "Labor Tools and Techniques" Workshop is a great alternative to the 2-day Birth Preparation Workshop.  It is also a practical and fun refresher class for couples who are expecting their 2nd baby (or 3rd or 4th!).  *If you are expecting your first baby, it is highly recommended that you attend the 2-day Birth Preparation Workshop which includes two "Ice Journeys" - very empowering, memorable, and realistic labor simulations.

This workshop includes the following information:

*Music therapy
*Massage therapy
*Breathing techniques
*Creative labor positions
*Pain coping practices and techniques
*Ice Contaction Simulation (does not include the "Ice Journey")
*Relaxation and comfort suggestions/practices
*Rotation techniques for babies who are malpositioned
*Enhancing communication skills with each other and the medical staff
*The partner's role and how he/she can effectively support and assist the mother in labor

Class fee:  $195.00 / couple

Workshop hours:  10:00am - 7:00pm - Saturday

Remaining 2013 LT&T Workshop Dates:   Nov 23rd    Dec 28th
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* Please bring the following items with you to the workshop:

1) Three bed-type pillows, yoga mat and a large, thick blanket or sleeping bag.  We will be doing exercises on a cork floor.

2) A journal or notebook for taking notes. (this will help remind you of the many techniques, exercises and positions we will cover in class)

3) Wear comfortable clothes (such as sweats, shorts or yoga pants) for some occasional exercising and floor sitting. Moms ... please do not wear a dress or skirt.  You will be asked to remove your shoes before entering the classroom.

4) Light snacks, juice and water will be provided.  Please eat a hearty meal before coming to the workshop.  We will take a 30 minute break around 3:30pm.  You are welcome to bring any additional food you might need throughout the day.  (There is no refrigerator or microwave available)  A Starbucks is located next door. 

** Because of the long hours and various activities involved in this workshop, it is recommended that you make an effort to not schedule any other activities on either Friday or Saturday evenings so that you may get adequate rest and have the opportunity to "debrief" with one another after completion of the workshop.

Classroom Location:

Source Yoga
6720 Regents Blvd #102
University Place, WA 98466

Source Yoga is located next door to Starbucks and across the street from the University Place Post Office.
"Labor Tools and Techniques"

featuring a condensed version of the
memorable "Ice Journey" labor simulation

Class fee: 
$200.00 / couple
12:00pm - 8:00pm


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Hi everyone!  Well today is the first day back in the real world, and I will say that it was hard to leave our little cocoon last night.  Zach and I had such an emotional, awesome weekend, that it was kind of sad to leave at the end.  I hope that everyone had such a profound experience, and I will definitely look forward to hearing how each of your birth experiences go.  I pray that we all have safe deliveries and healthy babies!

Thanks again everyone for sharing in this weekend with us.  I know that Zach and I both feel so close to one another after having gone through it together.  Zach left last night saying that he will definitely recommend the class to anyone and everyone.  It was such a blessing seeing the complete turnaround in him after going through my ice journey after seeing how he originally felt about his.  He now says that it was great and exactly what he needed to help me through.

Anyway I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon.  I feel a special bond with each of you, even though we only met this weekend.  We all went through something so profound that it couldn't help but bring us together.

Talk to you soon ~
Suzanne & Zach
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There are two workshops to choose from ...

"Labor Tools and Techniques" Workshop


Private Class
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