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Imagine ... remembering your birth as ...
soothing, gentle, warm, soft and wonderful!
Waterbirth Class
Softly ... gently
... falling in love
Dads love birthing pools too!
The Waterbirth Class
"Mother Octopus"
Inflatable Birthing Pool Rentals
... massages

... caresses

... warms you

... counteracts pain

... supports your body

... softens your tissues

... surrounds you with
    a positive energy
Gentle water ...
Patti offers:

*Childbirth Preparation Classes
*Cesarean Birth Preparation
*The Waterbirth Class
*The Epidural Class
* Private in-home classes
*Doula Mentoring
*Birth Doula Services
Relaxing, comfortable, portable birthing pools are available
for rent in your home or where they are hospital approved. 

Our service includes:

*The Waterbirth Class" ($50.00/couple)

*24-hr on call availability

*Phone consultations

*Setup, cleaning, and removal of pool ($175.00)

*We stay for an additional 1-2 hoursafter the pool is set up to answer questions, maintain the pool and provide doula support.

A non-refundable $75.00 pool reservation fee is due prior to your labor.

The setup/cleanup fee of $175.00 is due at the time we arrive with the pool.

(If you would like the setup doula to stay and provide labor support and pool maintenance throughout the remainder of your labor/birth there would be an additional $40.00 per hour charge for her assistance.)
"Underwater Birth Ballet"
*All photos are

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Pictures speak a thousand words ...
(Patti's daughter and son, 1980)
Patti Ramos, Instructor      Tacoma, Washington
If you are interested in learning more about laboring and birthing in water
then please come join us for an inspiring and fascinating evening
where the class covers the benefits of waterbirth, the use of pain
coping techniques for in and out of the tub, breathwork, creative
labor and birth positions, the role of the birth partner and
we view a beautiful waterbirth film.

Next class: January 11, 2012 - 6:00-9:30pm

$125.00 per couple
Click here if you would like to register for the Waterbirth Class
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If you are expecting a baby, go here for information about our
"Birth Preparation Workshop", featuring the unforgettable "Ice Journey"
which is held monthly in Tacoma, Washington

Interested in scheduling a pregnancy, birth and/or family photoshoot?  Click here

To view updates ~ www.doulapattiramos.com

All classes and workshops are located at the
Tacoma Pregnancy, Birth and Family Education Center
7406 27th Street W., Suite 301
Tacoma, WA 98466
Our client's waterbirth testimonials:  

"The Waterbirth Class was so informative and the videos
were amazing!  I can't wait
for my birth!!!

"The best word I can think of to describe my birth in water is SOFT. Everything was so soft ... the warm water, your voice, your touch, the color of the pool, my baby's velvety skin,
my breath, the music." 

"I didn't have to "work" at relaxing ... it just happened
as I melted into the warm water."

"It was as though I was
floating in a womb ... safe
and secure ... almost like
being born again myself."

"The pain level decreased ... almost in half when I entered the pool.  It was like I had
been given an epidural ... only
I was free to move and float and be fully in my labor."

"Being in the pool provided me with a sense of protection from the outside world and what felt like a variety of interruptions.  Everyone in the room became more quiet and reverent when I entered the water.  I loved that.

"I never imagined I would be able to describe my birth as AWESOME!  I feel so blessed!  Thank you Patti for guiding me to my dream birth!"

"After sinking into the water, my contractions went from feeling like a pyramid to feeling round, like an ice-cream scoop.  The water softened everything and made my labor feel much more manageable."

"I am pregnant with my 2nd baby and will be hoping for another waterbirth.  There are no words that can describe how much better I felt while laboring in the water vs. in the hospital bed.   We hope you will be our doula again Patti.  We can't imagine our birth without you ... and the birthing tub!
Love, Alison

"Your class was so interesting and helped to really increase my
confidence in my desire to labor and birth in water.   Now we want to experience the "Ice Journey"!   Thank you!   Debbie
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