Patrick & I can not thank you enough for extending your heart & love for birthing babies to us. Having only internet knowledge of this birth class, we were unsure of exactly what the weekend might look like.  I was nervous & curious about the ice journey not knowing what to expect.  I hadn’t even imagined Patrick experiencing the ice journey.  I thought it was an experience to prepare the momma’s to be.  Much to my surprise as I watched my lover go through it on Saturday, I found it to be hard and extremely emotional. I wanted so much to take the ‘pain’ away from him but could only watch.

I was mentally preparing for the ice cold journey and when it came on Sunday I had been expecting something completely different.  A flood of tears bombarded my eyelids, as I tried to hold them back my lover welcomed me into a space that I could have never imagined was going to happen.  Then I heard your whisper of ‘sometimes things are not always as they seem.’ The lids were lifted and the tears poured out in great delight knowing how very true that statement is.  It really reflected the journey that my husband & I travel on daily, anticipating all that may come into our day and when something so beautiful & unexpected happens, remembering to live fully into those precious moments and being so porous that our love tank is filled to the brim. I knew from that moment that I just needed to trust Patrick, because he was tending to me in such a gentle and loving way that all my anxieties could be released.

Knowing that Patrick had experienced the same things, made it seem easier to go through the journey with open hands ready to sow the seeds of labor & birth.  Knowing that Patrick will be giving me lots of light to be strong, water to nourish my body, and tending to my many branches, is very reassuring

You presented some great tools for our tool box and we look forward to applying them to the labor & delivery journey.  The greatest of these were, knowing Patrick & I are connected in a way that fuses us to our baby and how exactly we want to bring this baby into our world.  Knowing that this is our birth experience and we have more love & strength than we need to complete this journey.

You have an amazing gift to expecting parents.  We have told so many about our incredible ‘love journey’ into birthing our baby.  We are honored to have experienced the preparation of our first born with you. 

Blessings & Love ~ Patrick & Cheri’
Love Letters
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"Oh Ben and I just wanted to thank you sooooo much from the bottom of our hearts for the class this last weekend. I cannot tell you how much this meant to us and what a wonderful opportunity this was for us. We both enjoyed every minute of it!! We are also excited to say that we have decided to go into labor with open minds and to try to have labor naturally and as intervention free as we can. I feel so empowered that i can do this!  We also wanted to talk with you more about your Doula Services. We would love you to be with us in labor and work with us. We don't know if its too late to do this now? or if its perfect timing since our due date is middle of October?  We just really feel blessed to have come to your class and its amazing what you do for couples and women. I wish there were tons of Pattis in the world!! We went to dinner with Ricci and Selena, Chad and Jennifer, and Veda and Tom last night and had a wonderful time! We have so many new friends from class! Katy and I are definately going to try to touch base possibly in December or after the holidays to have a class reunion with everyone too! 
Thank you thank you thank you Patti!

Hope to talk to you soon!! "

Kaeanna and Ben  ( & soon to Grace)
"Thank you so much Patti. I feel that I have such a richer and deeper appreciation and understanding of what Christy Ann will experience, witness, endure, and sacrifice in order to bring a new life into our family. We haven't stopped thinking about our journey with you and about what lies ahead since we finished yesterday. You truely have a gift, thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks for pushing me to confront my fears."  ~ Mike
"Hi Patti ~ Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend.  We can't stop talking about our experience!!!  You opened my husband's eyes in a way that could never have happened through a book or sharing hundreds of birth stories with other couples and I feel an unexpected renewed sense of closeness with my husband.  You have such a way of connecting couples and making us feel as though we've known and trusted you forever.  Have you ever entertained the thought of putting on a marriage/couples retreat!!  Just an idea ...  Hope all is well with you."
With love, Sarah and Dan
"Dear Patti ~ Just want to say thank you so much for offering such a wonderful class. Ryan and I both enjoyed learning from you. Really what was so beneficial to us was not information we may have received, but what we learned emotionally together and the special bonding that took place. The class gave Ryan a sense of security in the type of birth I wanted, and now he supports me 110%. We are very excited for our birthing time to come. I am not fearful, but looking forward to the experience with my husband. And I think through your class, Ryan found a bit of strength he wasn't sure he would have when the time came. And I realized that he will be there for me, I just have to tell him what I need at the current time. Thank you for an experience we will not soon forget, and a chance to enhance our already beautiful relationship with one another. We didn't need more "head knowledge" when we came to your class, we needed an experience that would ready us, and that's what your class did."  ~ Shalisa 
"I'm still on cloud nine and love the feeling of wanting to be extra nice to Randy. I love that I have felt a sense of his strength and power to protect and guide me. We've been together 10 years and this weekend, and our little baby, has taken us to a new level. I realized that we are giving birth to a family and this is the first thing we will do together. It's not just about my body or the baby's body. It's about our ability to use each other's strengths and our already long history as a couple to begin our family in the strongest way we can. This weekend was also the first time I really felt like my pregnancy was something that was fun, not clinical or on a timeline. I really felt natural as a pregnant woman this weekend.
Thanks you for that gift and much love to you and your growing family!"

"Thank you so much for a weekend full of growth and learning. Many of our fears about going through labor are gone and we really get that we will be ready to move through it.
We both have learned how to take care of each other during labor and know that what you have taught us will be so helpful in the birthing room
The emotional journey we experienced in your workshop has made us feel much more prepared and present for one another.
Driving from Stanwood was worth everyone one of the 80 miles it took to get there.
You have such a gift we are fortunate to have found you. "

Lynn and Nathan
"We really appreciated the class, and I'm really glad we were able to do it.  I learned a lot from watching Andy give in to whatever he needed to do to take his focus off the pain in the Ice Journey.  Last time in our (previous) birth classes I resisted his assistance because I preferred little touch to risking an irritating touch and getting annoyed with him when I most needed him.  Even though my pain coping is different from his, watching him go through the Ice Journey made me want to follow him wherever he would take me in the Ice Journey because his creativity led me away from thinking about the ice. . . and it worked!  I hardly noticed the ice except for a few instances when I didn't have a different feeling or sound to tune in to.  It gave me a chance to test out the idea that in choosing not to "feel" or focus on the pain but on something else that it really could almost go away (the piece of the pie concept - distracting the brain enough that the pain becomes a small slice of awareness), and I came away really excited about the birth and feeling like I can do this.  Between the class and the birth stories in Ina May's book, I have learned what I most wanted to learn:how birth can "look" from the inside (Laborland) in an unmedicated birth.  You're an awesome teacher, and your class is a gift.   Your familiarity with birth in all manner of circumstances with all manner of outcomes is such a resource; you recreated the sounds, feelings, and possibilities of hospital birth that people don't otherwise encounter until they are in the hospital -- and knowing what to expect is so empowering.  I wish everyone could take your class! " ~ Marsha
"I liked the Ice Journey the best.  The pain I experienced gave me some degree of understanding for the pain that Marsha will have on her day.  Last time, I knew that it was painful, but I felt disconnected from it.  There was nothing I felt uncomfortable with or didn't like.  The information you gave affirmed things we've been reading and the video was the same one that we watched in the hospital classes last time.  You have a good balanced view of natural birth and a woman's ability to give birth while still being respectful of the place of doctors and medical technology."  ~ Andy                                Their family photos here 8
"What a perfect birth!  And what a blessing that we were able to be at home and stay at home!  You on my right and Andy on my left were the perfect team to help me through labor, and Nancy is just the best.  I felt so safe and secure with all of you around me, and what a bonus that my mom was able to be there to put our 2-year-old to bed and then catch the baby.  This being baby #2, nobody could have convinced me that recovery could be so easy when you don't tear.  We are just soaring on this feeling of "All is right in the world - life is sweet!"

"I've been thinking about the question of where I went in the contractions and what did I use from the "Ice Journey - I used exactly the same technique as in the "Ice Journey", like I described it to you "arms reaching out my brain" to grab onto whatever sensory input I could find to take away the overwhelming-ness of the contractions."  Thank you!  Marsha
Marsha, Andy & Eliott
Andy & Eliott
Big Brother Mark & Eliott

11-09-06    Hi Patti!  I have been thinking so much of you the last couple of weeks. Its been just over a year since we came to your class and had the experience of a lifetime! I can't believe our little one is a year now! You told us that time would go so quickly once our precious little ones arrived and by-golly its true! I just wanted to say hello and let you know that Im thinkingof you, you will forever be in my heart when I think of the journey it took to bring our little one into the world. Grace is now 13 months and just a little ball of joy! I love playing with her and singing and taking pictures of her! I hope that you are doing well and that many many other couples are able to take your special class!

Thinking of you often.   Blessings,   Kaeanna, Ben & baby Grace
12-17-06 "Where should we begin!  Jorge and I had an amazing time, it was a wonderful bonding experience together.  It made us realize just how in love we really are.  The class wasn't just about the facts of the labor experience but how powerful communication between a couple can be.  Patti takes the simple concept of ice and uses it as a magnificent journey of emotions, love and power.  We are both ready to take on anything together! 
Thank you again Patti - you are the best!"   Jessica, RN (Labor/Delivery)
Jessica's classmates
"I truly wish all pregnant couples could experience this. In a society where our power is continuously stripped from us. It is reassuring to know that someone is working to give our power back.
Thank you Patti for an amazing weekend. You are truly an angel on earth. Thank you classmates for opening your souls so that we could all learn from each other. I will never forget this weekend and I am so looking forward to the reunion." 

Blessed Be!  Cari & Michael

01-08-07 -  "Patti ~  It was really great to meet you, and I can’t tell you enough how much my husband and I enjoyed the class.  He especially liked the first half with all the amazing information.  I looked at his notes and I don’t think he missed a thing!  He is a bicycle cop and works out in the cold with freezing hands all the time, so he felt like he had an unfair advantage with the ice journey.  But the segment where you talked about all the dad’s worries and about being able to help others and see horrendous things on a daily basis, but not being able to function well when it’s your own family really got to him.  He shared last night that he was so glad you brought up that point, because it made him really start to think about how he would get through seeing me in that kind of pain without getting totally pissed off.  He doesn’t want to bring that attitude into the delivery room.  Anyway, we just got so much from the class, and I know that for me the "Ice Journey" was so powerful in helping me to understand what he will be going through."   Sarah
Patti ~ I've been thinking alot about you.  I just want to say thank you.  You have given me so much through sharing yourself.  The Saturday of the birthing class was an incredible day.  Something about you really struck me and I remember thinking during the day that I am so thankful you came into my life.  You have amazing power and energy churning inside you and I know we all felt that.  But for you to open your arms to me that evening was more than I could ask for.  You don't know how much that means to me.  When you wrapped your arms around me I felt the most beautiful feeling - it is what I imagine a Mother's love to feel like.  It was so beautiful I did not want to let go.  I envy your children.  They are incredibly lucky to have you as their Mother, just as you are incredibly lucky to have them.  To me, a Mother's love is the ultimate gift, the one thing I am deprived of since my Mother passed away when I was very young.  You are beautiful.  You have touched my life forever.  ~ Alona
03-27-07  "I love you so much, and I am just so thankful that you were with us.  I think often of those moments after Eliana was born, when you wrapped your arms around Rick and I, holding him up, and praying with us. Your presence was so powerful, calming, and loving.

There are fleeting moments in the day that everything feels like a dream…it means so much to me to know that we had a witness…that you were with us in our joy, and through the labor, and witness to Eliana’s birth, her life, and her death.  That you were there with us every step of the way…it feels good to know that she will not be forgotten"    Love, Sarah

(Note from Patti .... Sarah and Rick's beautiful baby  daughter Eliana, sadly and unexpectedly passed away from an unknown cause the day after her birth)
Workshop Reunion - July 22, 2007 - Dash Point State Park

These babies are what makes the world go 'round.
They are our future, our hopes and our dreams.
Congratulations to all you amazing parents!

11-03-07  These photos are absolutely gorgeous, each one a work of art, so beautiful.  Thank you!!  Thank you so much, Patti, for being with us, for your soft words of encouragement that made such a huge difference, for your gentle yet strong hands, for knowing what I needed.  Thank you for helping us give Kaz such a sweet beginning to his life, the morning of his life as Nina Simone belts out beautifully.    Love, Amy and Fumio  
                  Click here   to view more of their photos
10-16-07 - Hi Patti ...  My name is Louise and I took your class a little less than 2 years ago.  I have been wanting to email you since then to thank you for the amazing information that I received on that day.  I never really thought I was strong enough to have a natural birth until I completed the "Ice Journey" and something in me clicked and realized my power.  I was able to confront my fears in your class and feel empowered with tools to help me through the labor journey.  Long story short, I had an AWESOME natural birth that was short and sweet.  My husband and doula were fabulous and I labored at home for 3.5 hours and then went into the hospital and had the baby 2.5 hours later.  I look back on that day with absolute fondness. 

I realize if I hadn't come to your class I would have been uninformed about the side effects of say IV fentanyl and I would have requested it.  Having the knowledge, gave me the power to make informed decisions for the well-being of my baby and myself (ie..avoiding a c-sec). 

I apologize that it has taken me this long to express my gratitude.  I hope the class is still going.  You have a real gift and your sharing it really enriches lives.

Peace and much love ... Louise
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"Marie and I are expecting our first child. We signed up for Patti's workshop in order to prepare for this momentous transition to parenthood. We joined five other couples for what turned out to be an awesome foretaste of our birthing experience and of becoming parents!  Patti warmly welcomed us all and created a safe place for us to share our excitement and fear about what was happening. As we went around the circle to do introductions, she drew each of us out and responded to our questions while simultaneously building a sense of community among the six couples. Having 15 years of experience in facilitation and organization development, I immediately recognized Patti's skill as a teacher, coach and mentor. In fact, I was taking mental notes so that I could improve upon my own practice as a facilitator.

Both Marie and I were impressed with her knowledge of the birthing process itself. It was immediately obvious to us that Patti was a true professional who knew her "stuff". She drew on years of experience to answer our "technical questions" in a way that first time parents could really understand. While Patti stressed that medical interventions are available (e.g., medications, procedures, etc.), she stressed that we as parents should do what works best for us---which is especially helpful to hear as first time parents. I also appreciated her insights into the psycho-emotional aspects of the birthing process.

The highlight of the class was the "Ice Journey" simulation of the childbirth process. I was amazed at Patti's skill to use this simulation as a training technique. In my role as an organizational developtment practitioner, I have found simulations--one of the most complex intereventions--to be a highly effective way to prepare participants for the "real thing". I think that Patti's design and implementation of this simulation has thoroughly prepared Marie and I for the birth of our first child. The simulation provided us the metaphor of a journey that we are both on together and helped us draw strength from our faith tradition, from within and from each other for this journey of birth. Patti's use of multiple modalities of coping including touch, breathing, aromatherapy, taste, music, movement, affirmations, encouragement/aspiration---have already helped Marie and I get ready for the birthing process and beyond. We were both moved by the experience and were drawn closer together as a couple. We are grateful to Patti for the gift of this experience! I am pleased to recommend this workshop to other parents." .. Sincerely, Michael
I am so very grateful for everyone's positive feedback.
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. 

Hugs, Patti