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Emphasize the significance of the partner’s role, enabling him/her with the skills
and knowledge to enhance the birthing experience and the lasting memories

Discuss pain and creative ways to labor - building a new pain coping mindset

If you must have a cesarean, learn how to have a more positive experience

Establish a new kind of breath awareness – trusting your body’s wisdom

Enjoy relaxation exercises  …  massage, aromatherapy, music therapy

Become familiar with the terminology and process of labor and birth

Address fears, concerns, worries - questions are always welcome

Experience a realistic, intense, enlightening labor simulation

View labor/ birth videos and photos including waterbirth

Discuss medical procedures, epidurals and options

The emphasis is on having a healthy baby and a positive birthing
experience, doing whatever it takes to help make that a reality. 
The Birth Preparation WorkshopTM
featuring the memorable and inspiring Ice Journey
as seen on the King television special
"The Body Female ... Having Babies"
Come join us!
Pelvic Rock
Touch Relaxation
Optimal Fetal Positioning
Conscious Relaxation and Power Naps
Back Massage
Pelvic Rocks
Double Hip Squeeze
Labor Dancing
Releasing Endorphins! :-)
Testimonials from some of the expectant parents who have attended the workshop ...
"Patti has a great ability to explain both sides very neutrally."  Lance
"This workshop gave us the ability to really open up with each other as we experienced the "journey".  Patti is so soft and non-judgemental."  Amy L
"The bonding experience I had with my husband and the way we cried together was amazing!  I was able to be vulnerable which does not come easy for me.  We appreciated Patti's ability to communicate, her openess, kindness, warmth and genuine interest in us and our babies."  Amy G.
"Patti goes with the flow but is still very organized, compassionate and uses teaching moments effectively.  We loved the ice labor process."  Jennifer
"What we liked best about the workshop? ... All of it!  Patti and Tonya gave us such loving guidance, spirit, knowledge, smiles, incredible attitudes and gentleness!  A BIG thanks!"  Amalia
"The workshop gave me a better perspective of what to expect with labor.  You are very knowledgeable and very caring."  Tina
"You are so good at creating interaction between the group and each individual couple!"  Christina
"She was great at everything!  She's the bomb!"  Charles
"My wife and I worked closely together throughout the weekend.  Patti has an incredibly genuine, knowledgeable and caring way of presenting the information." Dave
"It was LOVE based, not knowledge based. (not to say knowledge was not learned!)  Patti, you put yourself aside and cared about US.  God bless you." Ryan
"I loved the DANCING, MUSIC, ICE, COMMUNICATING, HUGS and closeness with my partner!!" Melanie
"Patti is so gentle, energetic, caring and thorough."  Karen
"The Ice Journey was very enlightening.  Patti is passionate about what she does - conveying the true birth experience."  Bob
"Everything was perfect. Loved the ice journey!  Great stuff!"  Jake
"Her presentation was humanistic, holisitic, warm, welcoming, honest, laid back, open, compassionate and her voice is so soothing. She is so dedicated!" Michelle
"The best part was our bonding time and learning that sometimes nothing is something.  Could you drill a hole in my head and pour it all in?" Thomas
"I could study every book about birth and I would only get half of what I got out of this experience. Thank you!"  Sean
"She helped me put myself in my wife's shoes and to not just stay in my shell.  Thanks for enlightening me.  I am now looking forward to the birth!  and to the baby!"  Brian
"The class was not just a lecture, it was an EXPERIENCE!  There was a variety of depth of information.  Tonya's role playing was great.  The class went way beyond my expectations.  Thank you for your empathy, knowledge and compassion."  Jennifer
"Patti gives useful advice and strategies for coping with childbirth.  She provides a variety of options without promoting one as the best."  Ed
"It was romantic and very informative!  Everything was great!"  Carla
"Loved the videos, discussions, different techniques, even Tonya's acting!  Patti is so fun, energetic, and caring for our experience."   Wendy
"The ice exercise was amazing. 
You are so compassionate, wise, have a wonderful ability to integrate multi-sensory experiences (which is what birth is!).  You have a wonderful ability to stay grounded. Thank you Patti"  Sharon
"You really have an ability to get the men involved and to help our wives see it from our perspective and for us to see theirs. It was a valuable weekend for us.  Thanks!"  Michael
"I had such an amazing bonding experience with my husband.  I just loved getting all the options, choices and techniques.  Patti is sensitive, gentle, flexible, open, willing and awesome!. I just loved it all."  Pattie
"In spite of  the seriousness of the topic - you made the learning experience fun.  I appreciate your great sense of humor.  I will highly recommend this class."  Charles
"After experiencing the labor simulation, I feel MORE than ready!  Thank you Patti."  Mark
"I didn't expect to leave a childbirth class feeling more in love with my wife. This class went way beyond my expectations. An unforgettable 2 days!!"  Jim
"We arrived scared.  We left feeling at peace and with many new friends."  Jo
"Wow!  What a journey! Thank you!"  Gail
"This was one of my life's BEST experiences!"  Angela
"I was glad to see that she teaches a healthy birth class celebration."   Denise
"Patti has a calm, yet powerful energy. 
She maintains a kind, gentle control.
The Ice Journey brought my husband
and me so close together."  Ann
"I feel so encouraged and less fearful. 
My wife and I are much more in
tune with one another. My only complaint - wish it was a longer class!"  Josh

Patti Ramos

Workshop Facilitator
Birth Educator since 1980
Birth Doula

Email:  BirthPreparation@aol.com
"Because I am a family therapist, I have attended many training workshops throughout my profession.  Never have I personally experienced anything as moving and profoundly positive as Patti's "Ice Journey". 
All expectant parents should be REQUIRED
to attend this workshop. "  Gary
An Ice Journey to self discovery!
Guest speaker and new mama Megan ~ sharing her birth story

*If you are not located in the Seattle or Tacoma area and would like to make arrangements for Patti to bring this unique, unforgettable workshop to you, contact her at  birthpreparation@aol.com.

Child pose labor position and counter pressure
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away. - author unknown
"Patti.....    What more is there to say except,  THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU!!!!   Ricci and I were completely drawn in to your teachings and "Ramos" techniques :)  Your class was a breathtaking experience for both of us and has given us the utmost confidence in our entire laboring experience.  The words are hard to find that sufficiently describe what an uplifting, enlightening, all-over-wonderful adventure you put in front of your pregnant couples.....It is most definitely a journey!  We made some new memories and new friends for sure!!!  Ricci and I were saying how we can't wait to get pregnant AGAIN, just to come back to see you and partake in the Childbirth Preparation Workshop over and over.

You have a very special gift Patti, and a truly wonderful heart.....thanks again and God Bless You!!!!"

All our Love,
Ricci and Selina
(and our bundle of joy, Lynae Alexis)!!!
9-21-05  "I have been trying to find the words for weeks that come close to describing what a profound impact you have made in our lives!  Today is our 3 year anniversary and I just pulled up the birth prep page…that is playing our wedding song, "Breathe"!  I am in tears remembering what an amazing weekend we had with you!  It was definitely the best thing we have ever done in our 4 years of being together and I am more in love with my husband today than I ever have been.  You have an amazing ability to pull such deep emotion out in people and I am so glad we have you as our doula for our upcoming birth.  I was confident in my ability to birth my baby before the workshop but now I feel like I can do anything with my husband by my side. And with you acting as a supportive, reassuring, calm guide for us I know this baby will be born with strength and confidence and love.  You made us feel so connected and powerful, yet so vulnerable to each others presence.  Your class was truly an unbelievable experience that I wish could be experienced by everyone.  Not only did I fall in love with my husband all over again but we are still riding this wave of energy and it has been almost 3 weeks!  I just can’t thank you enough for your endless dedication and love!"

Sincerely…Katy, RN   (delivered a baby girl on 10-20-05)
9-16-05  "This weekend was the perfect mix of factual information, hands-on techniques, experiential preparation and relationship building.  As a second time mom, I had taken birthing classes before and was looking for something more than just a review of comfort techniques.  The intense "Ice Journey" allowed me to work through issues remaining from my first birth, and to prepare my husband and I as a couple for the birth to come.  We found it immensely empowering and the springboard for much further discussion and reflection.   The weekend as a whole gave us a  rare opportunity to  focus on the foundation of our family and our relationship.  Patti is a highly skilled group facilitator and it was wonderful to share this journey with her and the other couples in the class."  

9-16-05  "As a physician and second time father, I was skeptical about our need for another birth preparation class.  However, the Birth Preparation Workshop ended up being one of the most valuable classes I have ever attended.  I have never seen or heard of anything as effective as the "Ice Journey" at allowing a father to experience some of the emotions of birth.  I was deeply touched by this and feel that it made me a much more effective birth partner and perhaps even a better doctor. Patti's presentation of factual information and specific techniques were also very cogent and effective.    I highly recommend this class."  Andy B., MD
To view Karen and Andy's birth photos
go here
It's a GIRL!  
Welcome Ava!  Born 10-20-05    7 lbs. 9 oz.
Katy, Ryan and Ava
01-08-06   "In a  purely practical sense, this workshop was a much needed opportunity for us to sit down and really focus on the baby.   We would have never made the time to do this on our own - committing to the class set the stage, and Patti did an amazing job of drawing out our questions, as well as reinforcing our strengths as a couple and giving us a much needed confidence boost!
  The way we felt after the weekend was pretty indescribable (other than exhausted!).  We got so many useful tools - instead of feeling nervous at the completion of the workshop, we felt comforted and confident that we are well equipped for what is to come.
  The learning aspect was particularly useful for Dave.  He enjoyed Patti's teaching methods, and said it was enjoyable to just sit back and soak up all the information.  We appreciated things being presented from several perspectives, which gave us the opportunity to come to our own conclusions.
  There was never a point where either of us looked at the clock and wished the class was over.  Time flew, and it was all well spent.  Patti's natural ease with people and vast experience make her an ideal instructor.  She was informative without being preachy or overbearing.  Her sense of humor made the tough subjects easier to deal with, and the "embarrassing" questions easier to ask.  I imagine we all benefited from Patti's son being a class participant, becuase the class just felt like it was an incredibly personal and meaningful experience - for us of course, but also for her.  I suspect she is always very accessible and caring, but we did feel very fortunate to be a part of the group we were in.
  One specific item that Patti did (that we particularly appreciated) was generate excitement about the baby.  There is so much to consider from a purely medical perspective - it is easy to lose sight of the amazing gift at the end.  Patti did a great job of keeping that aspect in sight throughout the course.
  The hardest part is describing it to other people.  We each discovered that we wanted to share how amazing the experience was, but had trouble putting it into words.  The important thing is we agreed with each other on how special it was, and even if we can't feel that connected every day, we are comforted knowing that we'll be strong (together) when we need it.  We would love to serve as a reference any time!"    ~ Anne and Dave
"The concepts we learned in the Birth Preparation Workshop were extremely helpful in getting me
through labor.  The "Ice Journey" really does, in an inexplicable way, mirror the labor process"
~ Michelle (new mother)
3-17-06 - "Hi Patti!   Don’t worry…we don’t need your services again yet!  I just have been thinking about you a lot and wondering how you are doing?  My sweet little girl is growing up faster than ever!  She is almost 5 months old and is sitting and squealing and is just downright amazing!  I still replay my magical birth over and over in my head and I can’t imagine going through it all without your support and guidance. 
Thinking about the entire journey brings tears to my eyes. It is such a miracle!!!
We are doing so wonderfully and are so happy!  I hope all is well in your life too! "  Take care and lots of love… Katy
Ava - 5 months old
Ava - 4 months old
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"Patti ~ We had the most beautiful birth that was completely perfect for our family.  Thank you for helping us to prepare and to find each other.  I came into your class excited to see you again, but also wondering how much I'd gain from attending the workshop a 2nd time.  While we somewhat knew what to expect, our journey was completely unique.  Spencer and I were given the opportunity to reconnect, leaving a busy life behind for the weekend with 2 young kids at home.  We reunited through music, words, empathy, compassion, touch, trust, sharing and written words.  Our lips touched more in those 2 days than they had in months and my belly rubs were a wonderful treat, something I don't typically get at home.  I left the weekend with confidence, courage, strength and trust in myself, my husband, my kids and my family ... though I always love those people, there are times when I lose focus and trust.  Thank you for helping me to find this safe place again that I call home.  I would be lost without them!  I came to class doubting everything and confused as to why I would feel this way the third time around.  You asked me "Is it possible that you may be more prepared and ready than you feel you are?"  It wasn't until Piper's birth that I realized you were right all along.  I was ready, I was confident, I was loved, I was strong, I was a woman who knew deep within that I had surrounded myself with everything I could possibly need to succeed.  Thank you for your love, respect and tenderness!" ~ Tara
Spencer and Tara
Tara's classmates
Dear Patti,

Fergus and I both want to extend to you our utmost gratitude and appreciation for all of the experiences and information you brought to us this weekend!  We had a unique and loving experience
Thank you again,
Lisa and Fergus
Thank you for visiting!
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I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for everything this weekend. It made such a difference. I have noticed that Mike seems so much more interested in the twins now and he is SO much more supportive and understanding."

LaDawn, Michael and the Girls

(LaDawn vaginally delivered twin girls)
"Hi Patti,

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the weekend.  It's been a long time since we have done anything together.  I guess the best way I would describe the weekend now is "romantic."  I wish we could be that focused
"I've been meaning to write you all week, but couldn't
figure out how to express how much your class meant
to Geno and I.  I still can't but I wanted to thank you
so much for everything.  We have both carried so much
sadness from Antonio's birth, and you helped us see it
in a different light, and helped us find our courage
for this one.
We are both so much more confident and ready for this
new baby!  Before, we had no problem preparing for her
after the birth, but put off preparing things for labor. 
Now, this past week we've had such a great time
picking out things for our comfort basket & have
dedicated time to work on some of the techniques you
showed us, my favorite being back massage :)

Again, thank you, Patti. We are so happy to have met
you and can't wait to tell you about our birth &
introduce you to our new baby :)" Sincerely, Kessara
"Thank you so much for the inspirational, educational and bonding weekend. Jeremy and I really got a lot out of it. Neither of us really knew what to expect, being first time parents with no experience with babies - but we both felt it was a very beneficial experience! If you have not read our comment sheets yet, we both noted on the bottom that we are interested in working with you as our doula. We would like to invite you over for dinner if that is acceptable when you are available. "
Thank you again!  Sincerely,  Jeremy & Kodi
"Love Letters"
~ Photography ~
Consider scheduling a pregnancy, birth and/or newborn
and family photoshoot with Patti.

She specializes in beautiful, unique custom images of individuals,
couples, pregnancy, birth, newborns, babies, families and children.
Many of her images are published in various books, journals
magazines, brochures and on many websites.

Hours: By appointment only ~- doulapattiramos@aol.com
"THANK YOU for such an amazing weekend!  Merrill and I have not felt this close in a long time.  I feel such a connection to him, now I feel we can get through anything (birth included) together.  You have an amazing gift and should nurture your gift to help others reconnect. "

Thank you again!  Julie
"David and I had such a powerful weekend.  We took so much away from the class and I feel honored to have been part of the experience with you and the other couples. You have a tremendous way of communicating and imparting calmness and confidence during what can be a very unsettling time.  Thank you for that.

Thanks for emailing us the pictures you took of David and I during the class.

They turned out beautiful!" 

Have a great day, Emily
"Thank you for a life affirming and beautiful weekend. Travis and I grew so much together over the course of the past two days, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have met you and to have experienced all that you offered.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience."

Take care,  Anne
"Patti brought out a different love in my husband that I'd never seen before.  I know now having gone to this class that our birthing experience is going to be more wonderful.  Anyone who is expecting has to go through this class.  It will bring you and your spouse closer than ever.  Thank you so much Patti.  We will never forget you and what you've done!! "
Love, Ben and Shannon
"I just wanted to thank you for everything!!  The photos are absolutely amazing...you have a tremendous gift!  We have shared many tears of joy looking at the photos, and Annie was able to view them with her mom yesterday...a very special event for them both.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done...your support, love, experience, and confidence in us made Madeline's birth the most special moment of our lives." 
Thank you!!  Travis  
( A letter from Andrea to the other expectant parents in her Birth Prep Workshop)

We had our baby Aug. 24, 2005 at 8:04pm.  Her name is Amelie Jocelyn and she weighed 8lbs. 3 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long.  Everything surrounding Amelie's birth seems like a miracle.  I had about a 6 hour labor from start to finish and Patti was with us from beginning to end. It seems that I used every technique from our class and she nearly danced her way down.  I can't quit singing Patti's praises to anyone who will listen.  I had meant to write more tonight, but motherhood calls, so I will write again later.  We are thinking of you all and can't wait to hear and see pictures of your little ones.

Much love,
Andrea, Bill, and Amelie
To view their birth photos go here
on each other, and our family, everyday.   I didn't even realize how distant I felt from my husband until I was reminded what it meant to be close.  We both said that prior to the weekend we had let really silly things allow us to be upset with each other, and now it's really difficult for us to be upset at all.  More than anything, I had been trying to distance myself from Jeff before he deploys, maybe in an effort not to miss him as much while he's gone, and to learn my independence, so I'm not thrown into it the day he leaves.  How silly is that?  Being pregnant has probably made all of those feelings just a little more intense.  The weekend really made me realize that I'm going to miss him no matter what, and we should make the most of our time together instead of trying to "toughen up" beforehand.  The weekend will definitely be one of my "happy places," thank you.

One more thought about the weekend...  I have found such peace all week [driven by the weekend's activities], and I am holding on to it and protecting it.   No matter what behaviors I witness around me, I am able to keep things in the perspective of "life."  I have noticed the same unusual calm in Jeff as well, and it's such a relief to come home and share that." 

Rachael   (Note from Patti:  Jeff was deployed shortly after the workshop and was away for the remainder of Rachael's preganancy and during her birth)
From Emily's pregnancy photoshoot
04-14-06  "I just wanted to let you know how great the Birth Prep class was for me. I feel like my husband and I definitely got even closer after this weekend.  I feel like we are really on the same page now in regard to what we hope for the birth this baby.  Personally, this weekend I realized how much anxiety I had been holding for the upcoming birth of my second child.  I think that the Ice Journey symbolized my anxiety - in that I had watched my husband go thru it on Saturday and I was seriously not looking forward to doing it on Sunday!  I mean, I was REALLY not looking forward to it.  It is hard enough being pregnant and just doing normal, everyday activities, let alone doing an Ice Journey!  What really freed me from this anxiety was when __________!  At the moment the moms ______, you said that sometimes things are not always what they seem.  Boy, was that true!  After recovering from the "shock" of the _____, I felt very ready for my "journey".  To me, the_______ meant that even though I have such bad memories of my first labor and the pains of the induced contractions, the second labor will not necessarily be like the first.  I feel like I am ready to "welcome" the challenge of this birth.  You provided us with so many "tools" to use to get thru the labor.  I feel armed and ready!  And not only that, I feel like my husband and I are much more "united" in our goals for this birth.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents and knowledge to help couples view birthing as an event in their lives that should be entered into with strength and love.  People put alot of effort into preparing for their weddings to make sure that the day is "perfect".  I think birth should be prepared for in much the same way and with as much love and excitement, if not more since the end product is a child. 

Of course, I wish we had had the knowledge we have now when our first son was born, but I don't dwell on the past.  I am grateful that I have an opportunity to do things differently this time and also to share my experiences to help others.It was a very powerful weekend for both me and my husband and we are both very glad we took your class! Thank you again and we will see you soon!  ~ Crystal

"I feel much the same. Crystal has taken both of our feelings and put them into words for us. I had told you in the class that the Ice Journey, in one word, was "broadening" and that Crystal and I are like a knot tied in rope, and the class just pulled us together even tighter. I did not know all of the places a person could go in their mind during times as those. I had never been there before that weekend.  Thank you very much, and we will see you soon. ~ Bo
04-09-06  Crystal and Bo
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10-24-06  Dear Patti ~ We just wanted to send you a note to say HI and to thank you again for all the love and support you shared with us during our pregnancy and birth.  We feel so blessed to have met you and to have you as a part of our lives.  We still talk about our "Ice Journey" and what a wonderful weekend it was for us!  Little Jacob is 5 months old now and he is such a joy!  His big brother, Will, absolutely adores him and so do we, of course!  When we think back to how long we "tried" to get pregnant (9 mos), how my pregnancy went, how wonderful our Ice Journey was, and how glad we are that we had a pregnancy photoshoot - we feel truly blessed to have him in our lives!  We have recommended you and the Ice Journey to many couples and hope that they were lucky enough to have signed up.  We love you Patti... and we remember our time with you and your part in our birth very fondly.  We are so glad you came into our lives!  
Take care ~ Bo, Crystal, Will and Jacob
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"Labor Tools and Techniques"
A condensed version of
the Birth Preparation WorkshopTM

Private classes include:

* Aromatherapy
* Music Therapy
* Massage Therapy
* Breathing techniques
* Creative labor positions
* Pain coping practices and techniques
* Relaxation and comfort suggestions/practices
* The partner's role and how he/she can effectively
support and assist the mother in labor
* Rotation techniques for babies who are malpositioned
* Enhancing communicating skills with each other & the staff
02-10-07  "I can't believe that it's been a year and a half!  Jennifer and I moved back to Seattle in May and I started residency at the UW in OB/GYN in June.  Residency has been crazy busy, but I'm amazed at how much I use what I learned in your class while on labor and delivery.  We don't have many patients trying for natural childbirth, but it's amazing how useful the exercises you taught are in early labor while waiting for anesthesia to come place an epidural.

I also really remember the "Ice Journey" fondly.  It was an amazing experience which I recall every time I'm dealing with a patient in a tense situation. 

It has really helped me to connect with patients and help them through otherwise tough and stressful situations.  I also appreciate your balance in covering so many topics.  As a medical provider, you did a wonderful job of presenting what to expect with labor, possible augmentation, and even c-sections.  I was thinking recently how much I could use a refresher course--maybe Jennifer and I will take it again for our next baby."

Thanks for everything,
Chad - MD/PhD 
Obstetrics and Gynecology Resident
02-15-07  "Ever since Sunday's workshop I have been contemplating what happened there for me.  The day, in particular the mini Ice Journey, was remarkably powerful, helpful, insightful and uplifting as well as grounding.  It made me realize how much I keep my emotions hidden below the surface.  (I think it looks like I wear my heart on my sleeve but there is so much more that I don't show.)  Holding Steve's gaze while we held the ice brought much of my fear and grief up to the surface.  I couldn't hide; it felt like he was looking into my soul and I simply surrendered to that, which in turn made life - highlighted by the loss of it - seem beautiful.  As well, and very importantly, I feel like I made contact with that inner strength I hear so much about, which will be helpful not only during labor and delivery, but all the way around life. 

Thank you so much for orchestrating that and for being so warm, articulate and perceptive.  I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and that Steve and I are both so very appreciative of the day and of your talents.

Sincerely, Susan

(*Patti's addition - Susan and Steve's precious baby boy has a condition called Potter's Syndroem which is not compatible with life and so he will live for only a very short while after his birth.  Throughout the workshop they deeply touched each participant's life with their courage, strength and love.
"Hi Patti - I just wanted to let you know how, by attending your class, you helped our relationship so much, so that now we both feel like we're so much more than ever in love with each other. We both agree that those feelings were there, deep down in our hearts, but with the everyday life it can be left aside, but you helped us bring it all out. We look into each other's eyes, and it's like we go back in time, like when we were first dating 5 years ago. I realized I had been somewhat selfish during this pregnancy, by making it all about me. Now I know he's as much part of this pregnancy as me, and that yes I am the one suffering the headaches and achiness, but he's also suffering in his own way by feeling uncapable of helping me feel better. I feel like I am ready to give birth to my little girl.   I gained all the confidence I needed in your class.  My husband and I both feel like we're finally on the same page about what we want for the birth, and we're ready to do this thanks to you!  We appreciate everything you did for us, and you have no idea how much more in love we are now. I am so lucky to have a husband like mine, and like you said, I will try my best not to ever take him for granted because I know there are others that don't get the opportunity to meet someone in their lifetime they can fall in love with. Your class is amazing, and I think everyone should take it.   We will send you pictures when our little Isabella joins us.  Once again thank you!!!"    Emily and Nephi (Spencer's brother)
03-25-07 (Emily and Nephi - 6th from L to R)
Baby #2 - Ava's new little sister "ILA"  Born 11-05-07   8 lbs. 3 oz.
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02-09-08   "Your birth class had a profound impact on both my husband and me as we prepared for birth again.  This time we felt so much more connected and trusting of one another and our ability to birth.  That birth experience, at a birth center, influenced our decision with our third child to birth at home and that birth experience (among other events) led me down the path of becoming a doula myself.  Your encouraging voice throughout that class was one I wanted to be for others. I wanted to have that opportunity to call out their strengths, that they could find the wholeness they needed to conquer any obstacle before them.  You photography displayed at that first class was also instrumental in me 'seeing' birth and pregnancy in all its beauty - one of the inspirations that motivated me to photograph more of my pregnancy with my third child and pursue photography for others as well.  Thank you Patti, from the bottom of my heart, for your positive impact on my family's life.  I often recommend your classes to the families I have the privilage of touching and I know your hard work and life passion is touching beyond what you can imagine."  Sarah H.
Patti RamosWorkshopsTM

Innovative Childbirth Preparation
located in the Pacific Northwest

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Ava - 2 years old
Ila - 2 months old