Outstanding friends, midwives, doulas and organizations ...

My doula assistants:

Tonya Gervacio - Doula, Photographer (Puyallup)  253-207-7401

Jennifer Lindsey-Wildflower - Doula, Home Assistant (Tacoma) 253-255-6113

Doula Information:   Circle of Life

Doulas of North America (DONA)

Bates Technical College Doula Training  (Tacoma)  253-680-7523


Brilliant Life Chiropractic (Drs. Laelle and Paul Martin)  - Tacoma  - 253-383-0577

Simmons Chiropractic Clinic (Dr. Kevin Lyter)  - Tacoma  - 253-472-4424

The Health Connection (Drs. Brad and Shannon Eyford)  - Tacoma  - 253-396-1000

Midwives and Physicians:

St. Joseph Women's Clinic (Tacoma)  253-207-4890  or  253-426-6825
  Dr. Gail Venuto - OB/GYN
  Donna Payne-Snyder, CNM     Natalie Frazier, CNM
  Peggy Dunlop, CNM                 Angie Miller, CNM
  Rhonda DiCostanzo, CNM       Heather Wanzel, CNM

Babycatchers and Beyond (Tacoma)  253-471-3193
  Dr. Phoebe Ho
  Bonnie Martin, CNM

Group Health Midwives - St. Joseph Hospital (Tacoma)  253-596-3758
  Susan Hodgson, CNM
  Dawn Maclennan, CNM
  Linda Shewey, CNM
  Emily Ghilarducci, CNM

Nancy Spencer, Licensed Midwife (Lake Tapps)  Lakeside Birthcenter   253-862-6533

Toni Erickson, Licensed Midwife (Enumclaw)  360-825-3324

Ann Olsen, Licensed Midwife (Enumclaw)  360-825-5720

Marie Wakefield, Naturopathic Midwife (Puyallup)  206-356-7299

Dawn Wadleigh, Licensed Midwife (Tacoma)  253-973-9926

Susan Sherwood, Licensed Midwife (Tacoma)  253-686-3014

Audrey Levine, Licensed Midwife (Olympia)  360-709-0888

Lisa Boyd, Licensed Midwife (Snoqualmie)  425-831-6123

Amanda Feldman, Licensed Midwife (Renton)  425-235-4674

Midwifery and Childbirth Information:

Seattle Midwifery School (SMS)

Midwifery Today - Quarterly Midwifery journal

Maternity Center Association

International Cesarean Awareness Network of Tacoma

Naturopathic Physician:

Dr. Nathan Spencer at Lakeside Naturopathic Clinic (Lake Tapps, WA)  253-862-3501

Dr. Patti Robbins (Tacoma) - 253-539-4433

Dr. Marie Wakefield (Puyallup)  206-356-7299

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga:

Erin Joosse and Melissa Paz - Source Yoga (Tacoma)  253-756-8066

Jewelry and Henna:

Bonnie Alvarez - Birth Designs (Tacoma, WA)

Jada Moon -  Blessed Henna (Tacoma, WA)

Other resources:

Search by Inseam - www.searchbyinseam.com   (Find pants that really fit - tall, petite, maternity, plus sizes)
Photographer, Birth Educator and Doula
Tacoma, Washington, USA
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Patti Ramos
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Patti and Jennifer
Patti and Rhonda DiCostanzo, CNM
Tonya asssiting with double hip squeeze