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      Prenatal services ~

*       A free consultation where we get acquainted with one another,
        explain our sevices and answer your questions

*       One or two additional meeting(s)  to discuss how we may best support and assist you

*       Assistance in gathering needed information and with helping to create your "wish list"

*       24-hour on call availability along with 2 other doulas who assist us with backup when necessary

*       Telephone support anytime to discuss your questions or concerns

*       Professional pregnancy photography (additional charge)

*       Private in-home childbirth prep class (additional charge)

*       Referrals to care providers and resources

     During your labor, birth and immediate postpartum we can provide ~

*       Support and assistance in your home, birthcenter or hospital

*       Assistance with pain-coping techniques

*       Suggestions for creative positioning and labor-enhancing exercises
*       We provide you with factual information that can assist you in making informed choices

*        If time allows, we keep a journal/log of the details of your labor
*       At your request, photographing and/or videotaping of your birthing experience

*       Newborn photography

*     We stay with you for the first 1-3 hours after your birth to:
      - assist with cleanup
      - make sure you are fed
      - provide breastfeeding guidance
      - take some family photos
      - if in the hospital, accompany you to your postpartum room
        to help you get settled in and to take some photographs

Tonya talking with baby Anna
Patti (on R.) with baby Naomi
and her Mama Dayna during a postpartum visit
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1 hour after her birth
Lisa and Patti
Tonya with Cari
One of the families we assisted ~
Patti, Proud Papa and Grandma, Tonya
and new Mama Lisa who delivered
baby Anna by cesarean after a 52 hour labor!
Patti Ramos

Birth Doula
Childbirth Educator

Seattle and Tacoma, WA USA
Our menu of services ~

1)   Free doula consultation/interview
     (call 253-565-7981)

2)   Birth plan meeting (1-3 hours)

3)   Referrals

4)   Therapeutic massage

5)   Waterbirth Class and consultation

6)   The Birth Preparation Workshop

7)   The Epidural Class

9)   Cesarean Birth Preparation Class

10) Private in-home birth prep class

11) Rebozo technique training

12) Refresher Class for seasoned parents

13) Comfort measures workshop

14) Labor/birth doula support/assistance

15) Postpartum assistance (meals, light
     housework, childcare, errands, etc)

16) Doula mentoring/training

17) Pregnancy photoshoot

18) Labor/birth photography

19) Newborn photoshoot

20) Family photoshoot

21) Wedding photography

22) Photography of special events

23) Slide presentatiion on CD

24) Web page of your photos

25) Personalized birth announcements
Patti and Stephanie with
new mom Katy holding baby Ava
Patti and a few of the recious babies she
had the honor of welcoming into the world
Mother being prepped for cesarean
with Doula at her side.
Let's create a package and payment plan that can be personalized for you and your specific needs.
Shannon with Karen
Patti comforting Kelly
just as the decision was made to
deliver her baby by cesarean
Patti and Tonya with new parents,
Joan and John and baby Jeremy -
Born 4/16/04 - 11 lbs. 7 oz.!!!
Vaginal birth at St. Joseph Medical Center
Kristen and Patti with Lorrie
If you would like to be contacted by Patti to discuss her doula services, please complete the following information:

10/1/05   Dear Patti ~ I am writing you to express my appreciation of your wonderful care of my patient last week.  As an OB nurse, I would unreservedly recommend you to anyone considering a doula.  I found you to be very capable, knowledgeable and professional, as well as gentle and caring.  That morning, the midwife told me that she only gave our patient a 10-20% chance of a vaginal birth based on her cervical exam and estimated fetal weights.  Despite the midwife's thoughts and the patient's notable psycho-social challenges, I remained confident that she would have a vaginal birth with good fetal outcomes, if we worked very hard.  I was happy to hear that 5 1/2 hours after I went home she (vaginally) delivered a 9 1/2 pound healthy baby.  I largely contribute that happy outcome to you and your constant, skillful care. If your prospective clients have any further questions, they would be welcome to call me.  Thank you again so much for giving my patient such excellent care." 
~ Diana, RN (Franciscan Health System - St. Joseph Medical Center)
Stephanie (our backup doula) with Nagini and her new son
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12-24-05 - Steph birthing her little Christmas Eve Baby Girl
(Delaney's one year photos here)
Sarah and Doula Kelly
Jack - Patti's grandson
Grandmama Patti
and Jack
Cindy's pregnancy photos
Dear Patti ~ I have been reflecting on the birth of our daughter Grace, just one month ago.  I just cannot imagine life withour our precious little one.  David says that his life has truly become complete.   We both want to express our gratitude and appreciation for making Grace's birth experience a beautiful and special time in our lives, and one we will never forget.  We could not have been better prepared because of your awesome workshop, and then with you there, well it was just frosting on the cake.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

David, Shannon and Grace

"The memory of a good deed can never be taken from the heart of one who is grateful".
"I am here to listen, not to work miracles. 
I am here to help you discover what you feel, not to make your feelings go away.
I am here to help you identify your options, not to tell you what to do.
I am here to discuss steps with you, not to take steps for you.
I am here to help you discover your own strength, not to rescue you and leave you vulnerable.
I am here to encourage you to choose, not to make it unnecessary for you to make difficult choices.

I am here to provide support during what will most likely be,
the most memorable experience in your lifetime!"  (author unknown)

11/27/07 - Hi Patti ~ So I have intended to pick up the phone and call you and just haven't so I wanted to send you an email at least to let you know how TOTALLY pleased I am with having you as my doula. I had such an amazing experience. 
I never thought in a million years I could handle a "natural" child birth.  What an amazing experience but I could not have done it with out you (and Melissa ).  Thank you for talking me through every thing and encouraging me. You provided a lot of comfort and support for me.  Steve was thrilled to have you there.  So I am referring you like crazy to all my friends that are having babies or planning to.  Not sure another baby is in my future but if it is I wouldn't do it without you that is for sure.
Talk to you soon!  Happy Holidays ~ Annika

Hi ya you!!!   I've been procrastinating writing to you because I simply can't find the words to THANK YOU properly.  Even three weeks post birth, I am still blown away by the impact you had on my labor and delivery.  Simply having your calming and loving presence was extraordinary!  It was so reassuring to have you walk into the hospital with me.  I knew, with you by my side, that everything would be okay.  It was so fun talking about photography until the intense contractions began.  I felt so reassured and calm with you by my side.  Yes, I've been though this before, but this birth experience was intense and
empowering and overwheliming.... all made possible with you by my side.  Even though I would never "choose" to deliver without my husband by my side, it was as if a supportive circle of women were there to guide me -- you as the leader, of course... followed by my mom and midwife.  I can't imagine the experience without you.  Thank you for making my labor one that I will forever remember as amazing.  Your presence made it okay.  In the eye of a tornato... okay is unbelievable. 
(Katherine's husband was in Iraq when she delivered - he is now home!)

I hope you know and realize that your gift is truly exceptional.  I wonderful if all the couples that attend your classes realize what a gift they have in you?  I bet they do!  I know all your delivering mothers realize what they have with you by their side.  God has blessed you with you and I for one, am happy to have been a part of your journey.  I will be sending your thank you gift soon...  :):)

Love and hugs,
12/25/07   Patti ~  I want to thank you so much for all that you have done for us.  I really can't express in words how grateful I am.  This has been such a long journey for me and you helped me through that.  Having Colby at home was the most amazing and the best day of my life.  Thank you for being so kind and thinking about MacKenzie.  Bringing her a gift was so thoughtful and made her feel special.  I will never forget you.  The photos were amazing and captured my beautiful little boy's birth that I dreamed would happen one day.  Patti, I love you and you will always have a place in my heart.  "We never know how deeply an act of kindness can touch a heart."     Love, Tina
Patti and ILA

Interested in apprenticing with Patti?

Are you considering the possibility of becoming a doula or are you a recent graduate of a doula training program?
Would you like the opportunity to apprentice and train with an experienced doula/childbirth educator?
The apprentice would make a 6-12 month commitment, have the ability to be on call 24/7,
attend prenatal and postpartum visits, attend home, birthcenter and hospital births,
plus assist in Patti's  two-day weekend "Birth Preparation Workshop".

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer position, please go here for more information: